Interphone system IS-05

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       Interphone system IS-05 provides two-way loudspeaker communication between a technologist and a drill operator at high noise boring station conditions.
       IS-05 is based modern electronics and enclosed in a compact metallic body. The main consumer preferences have been improved. The bell is equipped with an electronic microphone in order to improve speech intelligibility. The external influence protection system has a self-restoring protector with an embedded varistor and an extra discharger.
       Communication line short-circuit protection system, in addition to output amplifier protection, has a self-restoring protector.
      Additional features:
       The bell has a call button to draw the operator’s attention;
       To decrease noise level at waiting mode the “standby mode” is added.
       There are additional slots for headphones or an external amplifier and a microphone;
       In order to extend the dynamic range in the return channel the device has a compressor;
       Connection line failure diagnostic and output signal level indicator are provided.

Technical specifications


AC power supply voltage, V

~220V±10%, 50Ghz

Power consumption, W (not more than)


Operational frequency range, Hz (not less than)


Output power at load resistance 100 Ohm, W (not less than)


Communication line length (P-274), m (not less than)


Uninterrupted uptime, hr (not less than)


Mobile speaker type

GR-4 (with amplifier and call button)

Outer dimensions, mm (not more than)


Weight, kg


Operating conditions:


Temperature, оC


Density, % (not more than)